How to Setup Your PC for Accessing “WSP/Paragon Webstation for Physicians”

*Note: WSP only works on a computer running Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, or 10

Step 1. Run the Paragon Fix - Before using the site run the Paragon Fix

·        Run the program and accept all instruction messages.

·        This will update the following for you:

              + Pop-up Blocker Settings in Internet Explorer

              + Trusted Site in Internet Explorer

              + Active-X Controls

              + Team.Notes.Form.Editor.Library38

If you get the below message click “No” and follow the instructions to install .NET Framework, then run the Paragon Fix again.

·        From the Windows Start Menu type “Turn Windows Features On or Off”

·        Click the box .NET Framework 3.5 (includes .NET 2.0 and 3.0)

·        Click Ok.

·        Choose “Download files from Windows Update”

·        Windows will download the necessary files; this may take a few minutes depending on the speed of your internet connection

·        You will see a message that states “Windows completed the requested changes”

·        Click close


Step 2. Install Java - Java is needed to open medical records and x-ray images

·        Download and run JRE 6 Update 31, this version is supported by McKesson.

·         Note – The latest Java Sun version 8 update XX is not compatible with WSP


Step 3. Find Your Login Page - Using Internet Explorer (32bit, 64bit IE is incompatible) go to

·        Choose your McLaren facility from the McLaren WSP Landing Page


Step 4. Fix Browser Incompatibility – If you see the below message follow these instructions

·        Click on the “gear” icon in the upper right hand corner of Internet Explorer.

·        Choose “Comptability View Settings

·        If not already in the “Add this website:” box, type in “” and click the add button.

·        “” should now be in the “Websites you’ve added” box, click the close button.

ATTENTION: Windows 10 users

·        WSP is not compatible with the newer browser EDGE.  

·        Follow these instructions to create a shortcut to Internet Explorer.




Try the following strategies to get WSP working on your computer.  There can be other settings that may need adjustment. Feel free to call the CSA’s and we can help resolve any issue you are having with your home and/or office computer.  Our numbers and email addresses are listed below.

Thank you,

McLaren CSA Team


CSA Contact Information:

During “Normal business hours”, (8am-5pm) call us directly below, on “Nights & Weekends” PLEASE contact the Atos Service Desk to reach the ON-CALL CSA @ (810) 424-8400.

McLaren Bay Region and Central Michigan

Gregory Callaghan

Customer Site Associate, Atos

Cell: (810) 989-0212


McLaren Oakland and Macomb

Pelipa Prince

Customer Site Associate, Atos

Cell: (586) 925-1873


McLaren Flint and Lapeer Region

Jason Sholler

Customer Site Associate, Atos

Cell: (810) 869-9609



McLaren Greater Lansing

Rebekah Tesnovich

Customer Site Associate, Atos

Cell: (517) 377-2532