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McLaren Flint  
 McLaren Flint WebStation for Physicians
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Note: McLaren Flint Physicians/Residents/Office Staff - call Physician IT Support at 810-342-2109 for issues >> 24hr IT help, call 810-424-8400 >> If you were unable to attend an ICD10 class, access the videos at http://www.mclaren.org/flint/ICD-10.aspx

McLaren Macomb  
 McLaren Macomb WebStation for Physicians
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 CPOE Education and Issue Reporting Form
 WSP CPOE Training Material
 Version 12 Upgrade: Introduction and Training Guide
 ICD-10 Tip Sheet
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 Post ICD-10 Implementation Documenation Tips
Note: ICD 10 templates available in WSP under Documentation Tab CHECK IT OUT! Sign physdoc templates in the Action List **Always leave a written statement in the paper progress note when a document has been created in PhysDoc.

McLaren Oakland  
 McLaren Oakland WebStation for Physicians
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 OMT Treatment Record
 Surgical Services Boarding Form
 Professional Staff Bylaws

McLaren Lapeer Region  
 McLaren Lapeer Region WebStation for Physicians
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 Guidelines for the Management of Anticoagulant Agents
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 Pre-Admission / Pre-Procedure Information
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 ICD-10 Tip Sheet
 2015 Medical Staff Meeting Assignments
Note: Copy and Paste http://www.mclaren.org/lapeerregion/Physician-ICD-10.aspx into your brower for specialized ICD-10 presentations.

McLaren Bay Region  
 McLaren Bay Region WebStation for Physicians
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 Orderset Table of Content

McLaren Greater Lansing  
 McLaren Greater Lansing WebStation for Physicians
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 EMR Physician Newsletter
 CPOE Training
 CPOE/WSP Version 12 UpgradeĀ 
 Order Set Table of Contents
 Lab Orders/HLAB Rules
 ICD 10 Documentation Tips

McLaren Central Michigan  
 McLaren Central Michigan WebStation for Physicians
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Note: 12.1.1 Enhancement Highlights-**Bulk Order Sign-off for Physician Action List *Docs can use a new tab to sign off on up to 250 verbal/telephone/protocol orders at one time with no performance impact.

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